Welcome to Impact Photography

As the name implies, Impact Photography strives to provide powerful and effective images to serve as visual tools, specifically targeted to the needs and desires of our clients.

Our technical abilities are well known, whether working in the traditional or digital environment. Impact’s new and long standing customers are encouraged to make use of our capabilities and experience. Through the years, our most exciting and powerful images have been formed through collaborating with our clients to produce a visual message which, neither words, nor stock images, can say.

I feel very fortunate to have deep roots in the disciplines of traditional photography with all of the unforgiving aspects of large, medium and small film cameras, “get it right the first time” lighting, then crossing your fingers through the darkroom process. Now, with the inevitable arrival of digital photography, we can combine the common elements of both worlds into a toolbox of new possibilities. This venerable old craft is evolving with exciting new solutions to traditional imaging challenges. With each new assignment, we are building on our techniques.

The studio at Impact is second to none in the central Kentucky area with 4000 square feet overall, half of that is the camera room. We are well equipped as a result of over 50 years of establishment.

I feel that the combination of these skills, experiences and capabilities will be a distinct advantage to you as a customer of Impact Photography.