The first and most important step in Fine-Art reproduction is by a quality digital capture or film original.

We are committed to being the best possible provider of this critical and exacting first step. Just like all photography, lighting techniques make a huge difference in everything that comes afterward. There is so such thing as "normal or standard copy lighting" with many kinds of originals. We have developed a few unique techniques for lighting art. The approach varies according to the artist's medium, the size, and the desired end product.

Other customer options address both, resolution requirements and budget issues. There are various choices, such as film, film & scan, or two types of digital capture. Many customers still prefer a large format (4x5) transparency due to it's ultimate resolution, ease of viewing and, of course, it can be scanned to staggering resolutions with our Imacon-Virtual Drum scanner for litho or giclee' prints.

Among our digital options, are: DSLR camera or Phase-One digital scanning back on our 4x5 Sinar view cameras.

Prices start at $60.00 and go to $225.00 (or more for extreme sizes).