The lab services at Impact have evolved with the changing times. Today, we are working mostly in the digital darkroom. The only remaining traditional services are Custom-Archival Black & White printing and E-6 film processing.

Even though Black & White traditional is time consuming and expensive, it yields a product which purists still demand due to its un-manipulated honesty and unique aesthetic qualities, as well as having known archival properties. We donít promote traditional printing but we still offer it at a premium rate.

Landscape photography and Fine-Art reproduction are among several great reasons we and other photographers are using transparency films due to the un-equaled resolution superiority in the larger formats, compared to digital, so we are offering intermittent E-6 film processing. Our process is manual dip and dunk, which satisfies our desire to eliminate machine related problems and maintain small batch quality control.

Now we have come to our specialty and claim to fame, Custom Digital Enlargements and Display Prints. In addition to these beautiful products of the Epson 9600 large format printer, for our customers with film originals, we are proud to offer film scans from our Imacon "virtual-drum" scanner. These high resolution files are thoughtfully optimized for the best possible prints. Additional editing and manipulation services are offered at very reasonable fees.

In addition, we offer over-laminating, print mounting on Gatorfoam, Sintra, and other substrates, and other finishing services.

Our reputation for being the areas finest has been our pride since 1974. Now that we have made the transition to the digital printing process, the quality and service we are now

able to offer is amazing because these imaging technologies will always be more effective in the hands of those with the strongest visual aptitude and experience.